Friday, 9 November 2012

Update from Osirisnet Nakhtamon ; TT 341 Thebes; Luxor now online

From the wonderful Thierry Benderitter at Osirisnet. 
We are presenting to you today, with a complete photographic coverage, the tomb of Nakhtamon, TT341.He was "Overseer of the altar" in the temple of millions of years of Ramesses II. Therefore he appears to have been in charge of the organisation of the procession of the priests of the daily divine ritual in the Ramesseum and of the distribution of the offerings on the altars.Other interesting representations are to be found in this tomb :
Ramesses II with a natural beard (reserved for the periods of mourning) and wearing the blue crown; a  representation, unique in all Theban tombs, of an male image equipped with wings, surrounded with small blue lines which he seems to radiate; priests with extraordinarily elongated skulls.

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