Thursday, 10 January 2013

Another donation to the Theban Mapping Project Library

Recently Alain Guilleux, president of L'Atelier de SECHAT brought a very unusual donation to the library. The Lourve museum had made a book for blind people about hieroglyphs. This was in French with a written text, Braille text and pictures some with raised relief that detailed out the hieroglyphics. The members of "l'Atelier de SECHAT" association took the challenge to do exactly the same book in Arabic! The Lourve were approached for permission and help with translating the text both Braille and written, lastly to help with funds to print this book. This is probably the first and only book in Arabic Braille about hieroglyphs ! It has been widely distributed in the north of Egypt (Cairo/Alexandria/delta) and this trip by Alain was to find places to distribute it in the south of the country. The photos show Alain giving the book to Ahmed who runs the library on behalf of Kent Weeks and the Theban Mapping Project.

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