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Course Details « Liverpool Ancient Worlds

This is the course I did last summer and I can't recommend it enough. 
Course Details « Liverpool Ancient Worlds: HIEROGLYPHS (Beginner,Intermediate and Reading)

As ever,the Hieroglyph courses will be led by Professor Mark Collier (Senior Lecturer in Egyptology,author of the best selling How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs,and Head of SACE),Dr Roland Enmarch (Lecturer in Egyptology and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology) and Dr Glenn Godenho (University Teacher in Egyptology) will also be teaching. All three members of staff teach hieroglyphs at all levels in the University. We will also be assissted by Hayley Meloy,one of our PhD students who also provides teaching support to our undergraduate language teaching.

The Beginner and Intermediate courses will teach students how to read a fascinating and rewarding group of ancient Egyptian monuments – funerary inscriptions,coffins and tomb scenes. We aim to introduce you to the hieroglyphic script and the ancient Egyptian language at Beginner level,and teach you to read from a fascinating selection of ancient Egyptian funerary texts. The beginner course is suitable for anyone with no prior knowledge of hieroglyphs,but will also be useful as a refresher course for those who have studied the basics and who plan to take the intermediate course too. You can take Beginner &Intermediate Hieroglyphs together from Monday to Friday,Beginner Hieroglyphs runs Monday to Wednesday only,and Intermediate Hieroglyphs runs Wednesday to Friday only. If you joined us for Intermediate Hieroglyphs last year,we are offering a more advanced Reading level this year.

More details will be posted soon.

For further details,please contact Dr Glenn Godenho (

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