Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Egyptological: Explore Ancient Egypt in our free online magazine.

Egyptological: Explore Ancient Egypt in our free online magazine.: We’re getting there!

Those who follow us via email, Twitter and RSS, and who have been reading my Facebook posts, will be aware that we have suffered some substantial difficulties recently. We are in the process of recovering the site from backup files. This will continue to take some time but, as you can see, we are well on our way to coming back to life! Thanks so much to everyone for your messages and your ongoing support. We are truly grateful, and will keep you posted about our progress.

We are taking this opportunity to re-organise some content, for instance by migrating in an archive of the Egyptological Looting Database.

Apologies about the Neith article that was posted by accident earlier today – it was scheduled back in December and posted itself today before we could stop it. I’ve withdrawn it, but it will be posted when we are ready to publish the next edition.

Should the site become unavailable for any reason in the next couple of weeks whilst we are still sorting things out, rest assured that we are working on a solution.

Kindest regards
Andie Byrnes and Kate Phizackerley

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