Saturday, 26 January 2013

Insinger Family Photos and a Pot

Kindly sent to me by the Danish branch of the family.

I copied these photos rather crudely from a family album.They are from 1914  and on one of the aerial photos one can see the Insinger House to the far right next to Winter Palace Hotel  - country side then.  Another shows Karnak as well.The man with hat and moustache is surely Mr. Insinger himself,  Grandpapa as he was called by our Familiy.Still, looking for negatives....

Insinger Pot

Another member sent me some photos of a rather nice pot owned by the family, I am guessing Naqada II, there are more photos on an album on Facebook

I do want to thank all the descendent of the Insinger Family who have been in touch and shared their heritage.

Dr Rob Demarre, Leiden says "
The aerial photos are certainly prints from photographs shot by a certain Kofler in 1914. He was the first to take pictures of a.o. the Pyramids Gizeh and several monuments in Luxor out of an aeroplane. Kofler had a studio in Cairo and probably had connections with the more famous photographer Heinrich Leichter."

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