Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Save the Luxor Temple House

Both houses pre 2009

The house that was destroyed

Destruction of the house
the remaining house with the destroyed house next door
Back in 2009 I published my personal disgust about the demolishing of the wonderful old houses opposite the ferry. Sadly it went ahead but the second house was reprieved whilst the present occupants lived there.

The residents of the remaining House were recently brutally killed, the motive is not known. A number of people have started a campaign to save the house. There is a Facebook group and any other campaigns/groups please get in contact with me and I will put a link up. I understand there is an Egyptian one.

Please look at these old posts

The last post is where Mansour Boraik said the remaining house was only safe whilst the present occupants were alive.

The first house has gone, can we not save the remaining house. We would not scrap the Roman fresco's off the walls of Luxor Temple, let's not destroy this part of Historical Luxor


Thutmose said...

Have they had any clues as to who committed the crime? I wonder if there is money to be made by taking possession of the property.

Barbara Peterken said...

I agree with you Jane 100%. Those houses are just as much a part of Luxor's history as its momuments. They are very attractive and enhanced the area. I don't subscribe to Facebook so can't sign a petition.

Barbara Peterken