Monday, 25 February 2013

Counting the Cost | Jane Akshar

My latest book is now for sale. If you wonder what that has to do with Egypt. it is my attempt to earn some money to keep us going during the current down turn in tourism. 

Counting the Cost | Jane Akshar: Counting the Cost of Cult Membership

In 1993 the BBC ran a radio program called Relative Values on the Akshars, detailing our membership of the cult London Church of Christ. In Counting the Cost during the first half of the book I expand on the events in the audio, recruitment into a cult, membership of the London Church of Christ, our meeting, dating and marriage in the cult. The second half of the book I tell what happened next. The anti cult movement, marriage dynamics, cancer, PCG, Ayman’s death and finally my move to Egypt and embracing Islam. This fascinating story of two religious journeys in opposite directions will enthral you.

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