Wednesday, 22 May 2013

An open letter to the govenor of Luxor

Dear Governor

When the Theban Hills were fitted with lights it caused a lot of controversy, some liked it and some didn't however NOBODY has actually asked for it. A poll of departing guests at Luxor airport was never asked for their views. I am not aware of a single tourist who said "the Valley of Kings was great and Karnak wonderful but what I really wanted to see was the Theban Hills lit up". It is not an attraction that people come to Luxor for. Nobody is going to cancel their holiday if it is turned off.

Under the current circumstances as reported here Electricity and Energy Ministry to cut down on summer time electricity flow - Daily News Egypt: there is a shortage of electricity. Yesterday I had 7 power cuts, during the last one I watched the lights on the hills with increasing resentment.

On Sunday night I went to a Pizza restarant where there was a power cut for over an hour and the staff were unable to serve pizzas, the hills were lit during this time.

Hospitals are going without electricity, food shops are having food spoilt but the hills are lit.

Please turn off the lights on the hills.

Jane Akshar

Edited: This article asks the citizens to cut down, let the government cut down first Egyptian government urges citizenry to cut down on summertime use of electricity in hopes of reducing need for periodic power outages

I have used this form to ask to governor of Luxor to turn off the lights on the hills, if there is an electricity shortage this is a complete waste and very irresponsible. I used google translate to get my name in Arabic and 1234 as an id card number. Give it a go if you agree 

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Unknown said...

Good one jane! Luv the lights but in current power cuts its a luxury we should temporarily do without