Saturday, 18 May 2013

Egyptian holiday safety - It is time big holiday companies put client satisfaction and safety above profit

I was dreadfully sad to read about the death of the child in Sharm el Sheilk (my heart goes out to them) much like I was sad to read about the balloon deaths in Luxor, which I actually saw from my apartment balcony but much of the blame has to go towards British and other western tour companies who put profit before safety and customer satisfaction.

Start with arrival in Luxor. The true price of a visa is $15 USD, slightly under £10 GBP and the reps stand there handing out visas (it is just a stamp). Pay us on the coach they say and then they charge £20 GBP, TWICE THE PRICE.

Then they tell people not to get tours outside so they can charge outrageous prices. They pick the cheapest balloon company with the lowest safety standard. They put people up in 5* hotels but don’t tell them these are Egyptian stars. There are no life guards so parents do not think to keep a careful watch, Egyptian safety standards are not the UK, and there are no rules about minimum numbers or ambulance response times but instead of telling people this they pretend.

Take myself; I have had people try and book sailing holidays for families. I tell them safety standards are not the same, there are no children’s life jackets, I do not accept bookings from families with small kids I TURN AWAY BUSINESS in the name of safety. I say this is an adventure holiday, bring your own children’s life jackets. I point out the gaps on railings are enough for little ones to get through. I LOSE MONEY because I will not accept small kids on a boat . I have had people go with other companies.

I suggest donkey rides instead of hot air balloons! I tell people to watch their children as there are no life guards. No child safety seats or baby seats, I try to be realistic, not to pretend.

It is time big holiday companies put client satisfaction and safety above profit

PS in 10 years none of MY guests have had a problem may Allah be praised

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