Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Visiting Minya by train and a well recommended local driver

I just had some guests who wanted to visit a specific thing in a museum at Mallawi, they are archaeologists. So it didn't make sense going to expense of hiring a driver to go all the way and they decided to take the train and hire a local driver. Through some facebook friends (thanks Lisa) I was able to provide them with the contact details of a driver who was absolutely superb and whom they totally recommend. They said he was wonderful and took very good care of them.

They couldn't get hotel bookings by phone but the same hotel they had tried he was able to book for them and he paid it in advance to make sure they were confirmed. He meet them at the station from their train and took them to the hotel. The next day he took them to the museum, he was a little puzzled by their desire to only go to the museum and spend several hours there :)  but he did everything he could to help. He had a friend there so they were provided with chairs and cups of tea. He also went and got them their train tickets back.

The train back was three hours late and when they got concerned he made enquiries for them and made sure the train was coming and there was no problem.

His name is George Yany email phone +2 01227565351 He is based in Minya and will drive to Armarna, Beni Hassan, Hermopolis, Mallawi etc. He is knowledgeable, well connected and speaks good English. He charged 300LE for the day.

BTW they said there were no other tourists they saw in Minya but they had a great time there.

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