Wednesday, 12 June 2013

ANCIENT MYSTERIES CONFERENCE - ON LIVESTREAM ! 29th September 2013 Zahi Hawas/Salima Ikram


29th September 2013

Join the Live Web-Conference with the most renowned archaeologists in the world - Dr Zahi Hawass and Dr Salima Ikram - on the latest discoveries coming out of Egypt ! The event will take part on 29th September 2013 on live-stream what means that You can take part in It (by the Internet) wherever in the world You are.

Over two years after Egypt's revolution life is coming back to normal. The excavations are reopening again. What is happening now in the land of Pharaohs ? Join the Live Web-Conference and find out more about the latest discoveries comming out of Egypt. What next with Egyptian Antiquties ? What are the plans for future excavations ? You will find the answers for these questions during our live event with the most famous Egyptologists in the world. What is more, the event includes special time for questions after lectures given by our speakers.

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Rose said...

Thanks for that Jane, signed up already!