Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Contact from Luxor's new Governor

I just had a very interesting phone call from an Egyptian I have known for 10 year and respect a lot, a professional man. He is a Salafi. He phoned me on behalf on the new governor who asked his Salafi colleagues to contact Europeans that they know and reassure them. He wanted to stress the new governor was not against Europeans, he welcomed them and wanted to encourage tourism. I expressed a degree of scepticism pointing out his history and he acknowledged and did not deny he was part of that party however he stressed that this was not their current agenda. I said whilst I trusted and respected the caller I knew nothing about the new governor except what had been reported  and could only judge him on his actions. I have to say I found it most interesting that they were even making an effort to reach out to Europeans. I have no idea what this indicates but feel I have to report it.

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tom-egypt said...

This sounds like an attempt to calm down the situation to avoid seeing this man be forced out of office by the public pressure. But when it comes to the words right now, I don't trust them at all. At the same time people of the same group call for the killing of political analyst Hamed Abdel Samad, not mentioning the history of this group. When the governor says not he had nothing to do with the violent past, why didn't he left the group back in the days? Obviously his problem with killing tourists was not that big. I see this current attempt as smoke and mirrors, nothing more and nothing less.

For all interested, there is a petition online to call for the removal of the governor. It can be signed here: