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News from Manchester University - Egyptology Online

News from Egyptology Online
We are now getting to the end of a very busy year which has seen the successful launch of the two-year Diploma in Egyptology, and the use of an “Investing in Success” award to film sites and artefacts in Egypt and in the stores of The Manchester Museum. These film clips will now be incorporated into the Diploma and Certificate Courses. As some of you may have noticed, we have put four of these short films onto the “News and Events” page of our website for everyone to enjoy:
Please note, you may not be able to view these on an ipad or phone. 

April saw the 90th anniversary of the death of Lord Carnarvon, which heralded a flurry of interest in the theory of “Tutankhamen’s Curse”:

Some of you may have seen the recent publicity surrounding research into the use of iron in Predynastic Egypt. This research project was devised and developed by Certificate Student Diane Johnson, and was focused on an iron bead in the collections of The Manchester Museum:
Click here to watch Diane lecture to the Royal Society, exploring potential links between ancient Egypt and meteorites:

Following on from the success of February’s Daughters of Isis: Women in Ancient Egypt study day, we have started to plan our February 2014 event. Having reviewed the feedback received from previous events (good, except for the fact that the lecture theatre has for a few years been too cold for those who have to spend the day sitting still) we have decided to transfer the event to the Museum’s Kanaris lecture theatre which is slightly more intimate, but which will definitely be warmer. The theme will be Sons of Osiris: Men of Ancient Egypt, and we hope to explore various aspects of what it meant to be a man in ancient Egypt.  The subject was suggested by the casual remark of a publisher when Joyce suggested a book on this subject: “Oh no, no one is interested in men in ancient Egypt”. We hope to prove that publisher wrong.
Details of this study day will appear on our website in September, but in the meantime, keep the date of 8 February free.

We are currently recruiting new students for the Certificate and Diploma Courses, starting in September/October 2013. If you know anyone who may be interested in joining either of these courses, please pass this email on:

News and Events from The Manchester Museum
Campbell Price and Anna Garnett have recently discovered part of the Amarna Princesses Fresco, now in the Ashmolean Museum, when looking for samples of ancient plaster for a researcher. Click here for more details:

14th June: screening of the Polish film Faraon . This is a free event, but booking is essential. 
Click here for more details:

Saturday 29th June: Lecture: Talking Trees in Ancient Egyptian Love Poetry given by Cynthia Sheikholeslami  of the American University in Cairo.
An ancient Egyptian papyrus, dating to around 1100 BC, contains a series of love songs related to trees and fruits. This lecture will explore the themes and imagery of these Egyptian love songs, and how they were related to the worship of the Egyptian goddess Hathor, a deity associated with fertility – but also with trees:

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