Monday, 1 July 2013


The biggest political demonstration in the world ever
A baby is born in Tahrir Sq and named Tamarod (rebel)
Luxor MP Dr-AbdulMawgoud Dardery thinks it can be ignored
Tamarod said it had collected more than 22 million signatures - more than a quarter of Egypt's population - in support.
Muslims and Christians, men and women united

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Craig Drummond said...

It is so sad that Egypt is once again in the news, news that it can`t, and should not hide from the World.

However, given the situation regarding the lack of tourists before this latest unrest, this news surely deals yet another massive blow to the tourist industry throughout Egypt.

I know what we see on the news is mainly dominated by Cairo and Alexandria, but the pictures of Luxor, whether peaceful or not, will not help the tourist trade.

I am a huge fan of Egypt, having visited over 25 times, and I plan to come back soon. I know what Luxor is like, I know what Aswan is like, but many people dont and will just be put off by this reporting.

I have no real political views but I do have questions. What will happen now, will the elected President resign as demanded on Tuesday? if he does, who will take over? Will more Egyptians take part in the voting, what will happen in another years time if they dont like what is happening?

It really is so sad, lots of people who depend on tourists for their income must be struggling at the moment. I dont know the answers, but one thing is certain things need to change.

For Egypts sake, and the peoples sake, I hope this happens soon.