Monday, 22 July 2013

Archaeological Tours & Cruises - Archaeology Travel

Just been featured on this website, lots of other interest places. 

Archaeological Tours & Cruises - Archaeology Travel: Archaeology Tours, Egypt
Archaeological tours of LuxorLooking to explore Egypt’s historical offerings but want a comprehensive tour of the sites not the shops. Plenty of time to explore, no shouts of ’20 minutes and back on the bus’. You want independent tours from Jane Akshar at Flats in Luxor, competitive prices, university qualified guides, unusual sites and as much time as you want. Offering major sites like the Pyramids, Karnak and Valley of Kings, also the workman’s village, Ramasseum, temple of Seti I, white chapel of Senusret, Middle Egypt, Dashur and Abu Sir. Jane will help you explore ALL of Egypt. Ideal for the enthusiastic amateur Egyptologist.[Website]

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Craig Drummond said...

Maybe you should change the spelling of Ramasseum to the correct spelling

Jane Akshar said...

There is no 'correct' spelling of so many words that come to us via hieroglyphics. Mainly because there are no vowels. My tutor told me whatever you select you should then be consistent.