Friday, 12 July 2013

BBC iPlayer - PM: 12/07/2013 - a tourist in Luxor speaks

The piece on Luxor starts at 51:30, Michael Denning speaking from his hotel, waxes lyrical about staying in Luxor and how tourists, including his wife, are brain washed by a useless Foreign Office into leaving.

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Good for him


Craig Drummond said...

I think referring to the UK Foreign Office as useless and people being brainwashed is not the way to encourage tourists to return to Luxor, and I don't think this man should be congratulated.

People are not stupid will heed the advice of their Country. I was going to visit my friends in September, called my insurance company and the told me due to the FCO current warning I would not get insurance - its on the small print.

I listened to the BBC radio programme and think the gentleman is being too flippant - he states in the interview wife has already left Luxor, he states she was frightened and went home - what does that tell you, she felt unsafe, as many people would do and left.

I have just read the latest news where the USA and Germany are now calling for the release of former President Morsi, so I doubt the travel advice will change anytime soon.

The USA, like it or not, are a big player in Egypt, according to CBS news, they have given the Egyptian army $1.5 Billion in aid since the President was forced out last week.

What they are now deliberating is to whether this is a coup, and if they decide this was indeed a coup the aid will stop because of a US law prohibiting foreign assistance after coups.

Where will this leave Egypt?

I read with great interest the various blogs that tell people Egypt is safe. A lot of these blogs come from people who live there, British people who have business interests and property there, and with very little business around I do wonder on the validity of some of these reports.

I get reports from my friends in Luxor and they tell me there is still some trouble and demonstrations and a lot of army around.

The fact remains this is a Country up in turmoil at the moment, Luxor at the moment may be fairly quiet, but will it remain quiet.

I do feel sorry for the local people, not just in Luxor, but all over Egypt, and we must not forget tourists are not going to any of the tourist sites - the museum containing some of the greatest Egyptian treasures in the World is empty, the pyramids are empty - and on it goes.

My fear is what will happen the next time round after elections. Egypt needs time to change, it wont happen overnight, or in a year - and I fear if the Egyptian people don't like what is happening the next time round then it will all kick off again.

If Egypt wants to change and be a democratic Country things need to change.

I do hope and pray this happens sooner rather than later.

Jane Akshar said...

Another comment from one of my guests staying here at the moment.

He is so right Jane. To many twitchy people in London FO who don't put down their teacups long enough to check the real facts about what is going on in a country. Its one thing to be cautious its another to paint the same picture across a vast country like Egypt and frighten people off from going.

Jane Akshar said...

I will just pick up one point in your post. Why would someone with business interests here endanger those interests by advising people things were ok and have a tourist hurt and their business destroyed by giving bad advice.

What possible logic is that?

I have been asked by people what is happening here and my experience, my guests experience and now this independent witness all say there are no problems for tourists.

Craig Drummond said...

I would love to return to Luxor, as I say I have many friends there, British and Egyptian.

Jane you have obviously been in Luxor for many years and you will know a lot of local people as I do but it is different for people who have not been to the Country before, and despite your posts of all is well in Luxor people will be put off coming.

I see many people there when I am on holiday and I have kept in touch with all of them but they are not planning to visit at the moment.

The few tourists that are in Luxor at the moment probably know Luxor well having visited before, it is not, and has never been as bad as Cairo or Alexandria

There are many other posts out there and the common sense approach seems to be wait to see what happens in the coming weeks. A I said earlier the biggest problem that ties most peoples hands is the travel insurance - not just because of the FCO travel advice, but for many reasons and if you cant get travel insurance then what happens if you take ill on holiday?

I will wait to hear what happens in the next few weeks, and if the FCO lift the travel advice I will be coming, if not, then I will take the advice of my Country and stay clear.

Jane Akshar said...

Of my 12 guests 1 is a first time visitor, 2 are second time visitors 1 who is on his 13th visit and everything in between. I wish people who are not in the country would stop telling us that are here that their knowledge is superior.

Craig Drummond said...

Just read this interesting piece on Luxor in the Guardian.

Craig Drummond said...

Another article on the situation in Luxor.

Jane Akshar said...

Well apart the bit about the tongues (they are penises) it is a good piece.

Jane Akshar said...

The second link has very poor reporting on it and inaccuracies. I have actually posted a comment on it.

Craig Drummond said...

Hello again Jane, I think you may like this latest article I have just finished reading.

Egypt is not alone in this struggle, and people need to take note of what is happening there.

Here is the link

Hope all is well and business picks up soon.