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BBC News - ElBaradei to become Egyptian PM

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BBC News - ElBaradei to become Egyptian PM: Mohamed ElBaradei, former head of UN nuclear watchdog, to be named Egyptian prime minster, presidential sources say

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The former United Nations nuclear agency chief, Mohamed ElBaradei, is now the favourite to lead a transitional government in Egypt after Mohammed Morsi was removed from office by the military.
Mr ElBaradei, 71, is coordinator of the main alliance of liberal and left-wing parties and youth groups, known as the National Salvation Front.
Mohamed ElBaradei: "We were between a rock and a hard place"
It was formed late last year after Mr Morsi granted himself sweeping powers in a constitutional declaration.
When the armed forces commander announced the military takeover on 3 July, Mr ElBaradei was present. He said that he hoped a new plan to return the country to a democratically-elected government was "the beginning of a new launch for the 25 January revolution [of 2011]".
The former diplomat, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work as head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), is well-known on the international stage.
He would be acceptable to Western diplomats worried by the military's action against Egypt's first democratically-elected president.
Mr ElBaradei was given a hero's welcome by youth groups when he retired from his job at the IAEA and returned home to Cairo in February 2010.
However, support for him as an opposition leader dropped away as he was perceived to be out-of-touch with events in Egypt. During the 2011 Egyptian uprising, Mr ElBaradei came back from a trip abroad to head to Tahrir Square.
Although he originally hinted that he would run for the presidency, he later changed his mind. His new party, al-Dustour (meaning "the constitution") was formed in April 2012.

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