Tuesday, 16 July 2013

▶ BBC Radio 4 - iPM, 13/07/2013 On Luxor

An expanded version of the experiences of a tourist in Luxor. 

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Craig Drummond said...

Just read this article on the BBC


It relates to the current situation in Luxor, and the hotel occupancy being at 4% and business being very bad.

I also emailed the Foreign Office today regarding the lifting of the current travel ban, this was their response below;

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to say when or how our advice will change.

At present, the FCO advise against all travel to the Governorate of North Sinai and against all but essential travel to Egypt except for the resorts on the Red Sea in South Sinai and those resorts on the Egyptian mainland in Red Sea Governorate. The Red Sea resorts are considered geographically separate from the protests and unrest and are continuing to operate as normal. The areas to which we advise against travel or all but essential travel are shown clearly on our travel advice page:


Our travel advice offers British travellers information and advice to help them make their own informed decisions about travelling to a particular country. Any decision to travel to, stay in or leave a country is for you to take on your own responsibility, on the basis of the best available information from our travel advice and from other sources.

We advise you to read our travel advice, subscribe to email alerts for future updates and follow our social media channels: