Monday, 1 July 2013

English Translation of Army Statement

The Egyptian arena and the world witnessed yesterday unprecedented protests and demonstrations by the great people of Egypt to express their will and views in a civil and peaceful manner.
Everyone witnessed the movement of the Egyptian people, heard their voices with the highest degree of respect and attention. It is a must that the people’s demands and calls are responded to and that each party bear some degree of responsibility in these dangerous circumstances surrounding this great nation.

The Egyptian Armed Forces, as a major player in the equation of Egypt’s future, and based on its duties and responsibilities, protecting the safety and security of this country, emphasizes the following:

1. The Armed Forces will never be a part in the circle of politics or governing, and will not accept to leave its role, according to democratic principles, merging from the will of the people.

2. The national security of the state is in great danger. In response to the current developments we are currently witnessing, it gives us all, due to our position, responsibilities to deal with this situation, to prevent such danger from occurring. The Armed Forces has understood early on the danger of the current situation, and what it represents for the demands of the Egyptian people, and that is why we had created a deadline of a week for all political parties to reconcile and end this crisis. This week has passed without any hope, initiative or action, which led to the great people of Egypt to take to the streets with the determination and insistence in a way that obtained the admiration and appreciation on all levels, internally, regionally, and internationally. The great people of Egypt have suffered without finding anyone to care for them, which gives a moral and psychological burden on the Armed Forces which have found it important for everyone to stop everything except to care for this people who proved that they are able to achieve the impossible if they felt devotion and loyalty.

3. The Armed Forces repeats its invitation to respond to the demands of the people and gives everyone 48 hours as a last chance to bear their own responsibilities during this historical event and period that our country is currently passing through, which will never tolerate or forgive any power that fails in carrying out its responsibilities.

4. The Armed Forces are asking everyone that if the demands of the Egyptian people are not responded to within the fixed time, then they will have - according to their national and historical responsibility, and respecting the demands of the great people of Egypt - to announce a future road map and arrangement under its supervision, with the participation of all powers and national, loyal directions, including the youth of Egypt that were and will always be the symbol of the holy revolution, and with no exclusion or political isolation.

God save Egypt and its people proud great

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings

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