Sunday, 7 July 2013

Luxor celebrates/demonstrates in support of the new government

Pro new government march at Luxor today.


Craig Drummond said...

Such a pity about the latest news being reported regarding Luxor. Friday 5th July Daily Mail reports 4 Copts dead and 32 injured in Luxor.

This is not the news prospective tourists will want to read, and there is no let up of this reporting on the news.

Its all so sad, and I fear its not all over yet.

spugs said...

Hope that Egypt and Luxor get back to normal. UK foreign office have warned against travel to Egypt including Luxor and Aswan.
I would like to return next year to catch up with friends on the West Bank as I know they will be suffering. I was there in 97 when the shootings happened so how a government could put a govenor in charge of Luxor when he was involved in beyond belief. Lets hope for the sake of the Egyption people the 'Brothehood' go back to the asylums where they belong.
Thanks Jane for your website I will keep reading your blogs for news. I was a close friend of Baccery before he died. We went horse riding with him and his family/workers on many occasions, A lovely man

Barbara said...

I'm keeping my fingers very tightly crossed that this heralds peace and togetherness once more in my beloved Luxor. Love to you Jane and to all the people in Luxor who can well do without bad press.