Friday, 5 July 2013

Luxor is open! Message from Mansour Boraik - Head of Upper Egypt Luxor Antiquities

Mansour confirmed that all historical sites in the Luxor area are open for business.

He also wanted to express his thanks to the people of Luxor who have protected the sites during the recent troubles and made sure that they were safe.

If you come to Luxor you can be sure of a big welcome at the sites and he hopes you visit.


Craig Drummond said...

The problem seems to be the unrest and this will put tourists off visiting. There is no change at the moment from the Foreign Office with regards to travel from the UK, and if you do travel, you do so at your own risk and wont be covered by insurance.

I am just listening to the BBC live news and they are now reporting the Egyptian army are shooting Egyptians in Cairo - irrespective of peoples religious beliefs, this is not good news.

Luxor may very well be open, but with this latest news it may as well be closed.

Barbara said...

This is a big problem. When the news and television report that there is trouble in Cairo, people automatically think the problem is all over the country. I visit Luxor twice a year and have not experienced anything but kindness and hospitality from the people. I understand from a friend of mine who lives in Luxor, that he has been walking among the crowds happily and has only found happiness and friendliness from the demonstrators and it has been a very peaceful experience. Even the Army has been very happy to be photographed. Barbara Peterken