Sunday, 7 July 2013

Message from Mansour Boraik - ex director

Mansour Boraik just phoned me and asked me to publish on his behalf.

During the last meeting of the Anglo/Egyptian centre he saw the jealousy in people’s eyes as he gave his presentation without notes (but he did not care) they are not honest about the archaeological sites.  

Only Luxor has been run smoothly through this critical time, there have been no encroachments. The decision to remove him was done to cause trouble for Egypt so Luxor would suffer during this turmoil. It was a conspiracy from senior members of the SCA, he knows exactly who they are.

He never respected the Minister and avoided his invitations to head the faculty of the South Valley and when the Minister came to Luxor and had meetings in coffee shops. 

The decision to remove him was taken at 2:30 Thursday, the dying moments of the administration, why at this time, at this moment. You cannot work with a naked back, there are over 400 directors in the SCA why only Mansour is attacked because only Mansour is famous for what he does. He has tried to excavate and publish. He apologises for any mistake he made which was from his heart. The people that have attacked him will go to the recycle bin of history

 It is a stupid game and he is pleased to spend time with his family and to prepare to defend his PhD in August. He has had a lot of stress since the revolution trying to defend the monuments with the help of the people. This is a critical time for the monuments of Luxor.

God bless Egypt
God bless Egyptian Heritage

I wished him the very best for the future#

Edited 8/7/13
Mansour thanks you all for your best wishes and phones calls but feels his problems are small and insignificant compared to what is happening in Egypt.

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