Wednesday, 14 August 2013

17:30 14th August Luxor News

There are problems in downtown Luxor around Luxor Temple, Station Street, Manshya Street and TV Street but the rest of town is currently quiet. Several Christian business have been attacked. A member of my staff came from Gurna to Gezera and was not aware there were any problems until I told him so the west bank is unaffected at present.

Update British Embassy ( John Hamilton ) 14/08/2013 (2)

Right then let me try that again in English this time! And with a list of Governorates.

There is a curfew in place from 1900 until 0600 in the following fourteen Governorates:

Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, South Sinai, North Sinai, Suez, Behera, Minya, Assiut, Souhag, Beni Suef, Ismailia, Qena and Fayoum.

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Craig Drummond said...

The reports and images in Luxor today cause concern. The Horus hotel was set on fire as we're 2 vehicles, which look,like the police vans they use - one white, one black.

This is a disaster for tourism, the UK Primeminister has just been on the tv condemning this violence and many other Countries around the Workd have expressed there concern regarding today's violence.

I spoke to my friend who works near the Winter Palace and he tells me it is not good, but we can see that ourselves from the images.

I doubt holiday companies will be back anytime soon, hardened visitors like my self will also be put off from visiting anytime soon, it is really so sad and I feel for the locals who are not joining in this violence but for the time being Luxor will continue to suffer as part of the back-lash.

Having said that, there is trouble in Luxor and I fear it will only get worse.