Thursday, 15 August 2013

Egypt's Malawi National Museum damaged, looted but sites reopen - Ahram Online

Egypt's Malawi National Museum damaged, looted - Museums - Heritage - Ahram Online:
Despite such incident, antiquities minister Mohamed Ibrahim decided to open all museums and archaeological sites as normal but will close two hours earlier than usual, except for the Malawi National Museum, which will remain closed.

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Craig Drummond said...

This is so unfortunate but I fear this is only the start of it. As business suffers due to lack of tourists people might turn to crime to feed their families.

More alarming pictures on Luxor Times today of Luxor, and I fear the worst is yet to come, Egypt is a time bomb just now and it will take a long time to recover for what has been televised all around the World.

Stephen Schimpf said...

I read that over 1000 artifacts were looted, and the following day whatever wasn't looted was destroyed, because the museum was set on fire!