Friday, 23 August 2013

News bias exposed, Luxor disappears and nobody notices

For months the people of Luxor have complained that they are fed up with being ignored. All reporting is biased towards Cairo and events there. The consequences of this is that Luxor is included in the same travel warnings as Cairo. “We are not Cairo” the people of Luxor cried, “our tourists are happy and safe”. They were ignored, the British Embassy continued to say they were monitoring the situation. 

Well yesterday the bias was proved, an area the size of Germany, Upper Egypt was cut off from the world. 

All internet and the two biggest mobile phone carriers Vodaphone and MobilNil stopped working around 2pm and did not come back until after 11pm. During this time the eyes of the world were on Egypt according to the media, NO they were on Cairo where ex-president Mubarack was released from prison and put under house arrest. Did Upper Egypt even get a mention, nope, it did not even exist as far the western media was concerned. 

Do you wonder why we are fed up, people in Luxor are starving because of these travel warnings which are based on media reporting which is now exposed as a sham, not reflecting the true situation. As far as the world is concerned we do not exist and when Upper Egypt disappears for 10 hours nobody even notices.

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Stephen Schimpf said...

Other than ancient monuments and museums, what does Upper Egypt have that would cause the Western media to pay attention to it? Nothing that I know of. I can see how the release of Hosni Mubarak makes the news, but would never expect Upper Egypt losing Internet and mobile phone service for half a day to make the news. I'd be surprised if most Americans can point to Egypt on a map, let alone know what Upper Egypt is.

As far as people starving due to the travel warnings: Folks there need to understand that they have to DO something, rather than sit around waiting for foreigners to come to see what their ancestors did. Pray less, do more. If the country continues to get more conservative and there is more violence against Christians, don't expect the tourists to return.