Friday, 16 August 2013

Valley of the Kings is open

To confirm all the archaeological sites reopened after one day. I actually spoke to someone who was at the Valley of Kings today and had a very enjoyable visit.

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Craig Drummond said...

makes it sound so idyllic, but as we know from the news reports on Luxor Times it is far from idyllic.

My good friend in Luxor tells me to steer clear, it's not a place to be at the moment, and I fear won't be for many months to come.

Lots of reports of trouble again in Luxor today and gunfire on the West Bank being reported. This from Luxor Times today

"News via local journalists, El sheikh El-Tayeb (The head if Al-Azhar) house and hall on West bank had been attacked earlier. Machine guns were fired"

The supermarket which was looted the other day put up a sign reads " 150 families lost their income because if this destruction. We commissioned our living to God."