Wednesday, 11 September 2013

John Hamilton – British Consul Visits me on the West Bank

If you saw a police escort come to my house I haven’t been arrested lol I just was visited by John Hamilton from the British Embassy, so all my tweets and facebook comments were worth it.

We had a full and frank discussion at which I raised

  • If Hurghada is safe why isn’t Luxor 
  • Archaeological digs can not plan their season 
  • Elderly Family members can not visit their grandchildren 
  • The sufferings of the people of Luxor 
  • The experience of my guests 
  • No single tourist has been harmed, which Ehab Gaddis confirmed 
  • The travel advice is causing anti British feeling 
  • And lots and lots of other things that have been discussed on forums and facebook 

He explained he was on a fact finding trip and would then present his recommendations to the FCO in London. Fingers crossed people and keep the pressure up.

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Rose said...

Well done Jane, lets hope someone takes notice and the advice is changed for Luxor!