Monday, 23 September 2013

Luxor Tourism Event at Karnak Temple

Reports from the event are so positive. There were speeches, music, dancing, a real family day out. The governor spoke with all the foreigners present and thanked them for coming. This is a random selection of photos. And below is a report from an Arabic newspaper

This is a link to an Arabic press report. بوابة فيتو: بالصور ..احتفالية لتنشيط السياحة بمعبد الكرنك بحضور محافظ الأقصر وايمان البحر درويش

Holding all of Luxor Governor Tarek Saad Eddin , the artist Iman Darwish Sea , and Captain public workers Moataz Mr. press conference on Thursday evening, in the light of events promoting tourism " Luxor message " from the Temple of Karnak .

And Saad Eddin said at the conference that the province of Luxor did not witness any demonstrations for armed supporters of an orphaned in Isna Center south of Luxor , stressing that it is well with demonstrations in the streets.

He said that both the Netherlands and Belgium have decided to lift the ban on their nationals today , and can thus return of tourism Belgian , Dutch to Luxor .
He said Saad Eddin to Luxor are looking forward to receiving the delegation of German media on 28 of this month, is المترقب to send all of the British University , and Modern German university academic delegations to Luxor.

The captain Moataz Mr. workers , that there are efforts to complete by the end of it rams , and work to open the closed temples such as the Temple " First City " , and the Temple of " death."

The artist said Iman El Bahr Darwish message that art and introduced the song " the adequacy of the conflict ," as a message to absent in the name of religion , and stressed that he is not entitled Jihad on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood , but be jihad in the name of God only.

This came in the light of the " Luxor " , a celebration for tourism involving hundreds of people from Luxor and tourism workers and a number of foreign residents in Luxor , in the Temple of Karnak .

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