Tuesday, 24 September 2013


The American University in Cairo Press is pleased to announce a new series to be entitled The AUC History of Ancient Egypt, intended to build incrementally into a comprehensive set of works covering the period from prehistory to the fourth century AD. However, there is no intention to predetermine the volumes be published, but rather to provide an umbrella for a series of authoritative, fully documented, but accessible, treatments of discrete periods of ancient Egyptian history or cross-period historical themes, conforming to a uniform design, yet fully viable as stand-alone volumes.

            The target audience embraces scholars, students and informed amateurs. Thus the volumes will not only meet normal academic standards of scholarship, but also will be readable and illustrated as necessary for broader intelligibility. Total length, including notes, captions, and bibliography, is envisaged as ranging from 60,000 to 95,000 words.

            We are currently gathering projects for the first wave of volumes, probably to appear from 2016 (with first manuscripts delivered in 2015). If you are interested in publishing something in the series, please get in touch with the General Editors as below.

Aidan Dodson University of Bristol (UK) - aidan.dodson@bris.ac.uk

Salima Ikram  American University in Cairo (Egypt) - salimaikram@gmail.com

General Editors of the AUC History of Ancient Egypt

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