Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A visit to AWOL - the WEST bank animal charity

Angela Robinson the trustee of AWOL invited me to visit the centre today. I have a big soft spot for west bank charities as I live on the west bank and they do not get the publicity and funding that the east bank ones do so I was delighted to accept.
 First of all location, actually having a clinic is a new thing for AWOL as most of their work is out in the villages. The clinic is located on the main/only road from the Luxor bridge to the west bank. You cross the bridge and carry on until you get to a T junction. Just before this you see the clinic. The website is http://www.awol-egypt.org/

Here is a before and after picture, this donkey was given a new harness. You can see the old harness is very thin and as a consequence cuts into the legs of the donkey. By giving the owner a new harness, custom made to fit the donkey it is less likely to be cut by the thin harness.
This dog was being injected for ticks, mites and fleas. It was also given a proper collar.

The room where the harnesses are made and another room where medicines are stored.
Some tourists brought gifts from businesses in the UK. The Saddlery Shop https://www.facebook.com/TheSaddleryShop Bomerangs http://www.boomerangstables.co.uk and Collarways http://www.collarways.co.uk/ How nice of them to make these donations.

The team Dr Mohammed the vet, Ahmed, Angela, Nassar the centre manager and Mocklaf who made the harnesses.
Cindy one of the local ex-pats who volunteers at the centre, Dr Mohammed, myself, Angela and two of the visiting tourists who brought goodies to the centre.
Angela with one of the youngest animals at AWOL, this lucky puppy was adopted just after I left and will have a new home at Karnak. The family he is going to has 2 little girls who wanted a dog and Angela is going to make sure they are educated in the correct treatment of animals.

Please remember that all Luxor charities are really suffering at the moment because the tourists that would visit and donate are not here. You can donate to this very worthwhile organisation via their website http://www.awol-egypt.org/

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