Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Digital Bridges in Luxor

I got taken round the facility of the NGO Digital Bridges in Luxor yesterday. Mr Mahmoud Fathy el Kady the the Chairman of the Board of Trustees took me round.You can find their website at www.db4me.org and I used Google to translate the website which made for pretty impressive reading. There are two Facebook pages https://www.facebook.com/pages/Digital-Bridges/110435459019735  but this is the main one https://www.facebook.com/db4meluxor

This is quote from a sister organisation


Empower Milledgeville/Baldwin County to utilize technology as a means of developing innovative leadership models and a sound local economy for the 21st


Digital Bridges seeks to empower Milledgeville/Baldwin County citizens by providing resources necessary to increase digital literacy and promote innovative uses of technology to solve problems in the information age. We provide trainings, seminars and one-on-one consultations in an effort to address the “Digital Divide” in Milledgeville/Baldwin County. The level of technology integration needed to remain competitive in tomorrow’s market is increasing exponentially, and Digital Bridges strives to provide the resources and knowledge base necessary for businesses and individuals alike to keep themselves abreast of the latest innovations and best practices in a technology driven economy.

So replace Milledgeville/Baldwin County with Luxor and that is what they are doing. They are also working with The British Council whose remit is "to build mutually beneficial cultural and educational relationships between the United Kingdom and other countries, and increase appreciation of the United Kingdom’s creative ideas and achievements."

When I went round there were well equipped computer labs, a lecture hall, meeting rooms and lots and lots of young professional people, both male and female, working there. In fact I met Salah Elmasekh, who readers of this blog will know well. He is the archaeologist responsible for the excavations in front of Karnak temple and took me round the Roman baths. It was so encouraging to see this facility in Luxor and to see it being so well used.

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