Saturday, 12 October 2013

Learn Arabic in Luxor

Do you want to learn Arabic in Luxor. Just had a guest who did some Arabic classes during her stay and reports VERY highly of this school and her teacher Affaf.


AHLAN-EGYPT is a non-profit association operating in the developing countries. It is creating innovative types of courses which help to understand other customs and cultures through a new concept of tourism. The concept is that of visiting a country with one's eyes wide open, of learning the reality through seminars and of being close to the real life of the country. The students won't find everything spic and span, the ways of the country and the idea of time are different and must be respected.

All services and accommodation chosen are pure Egyptian and this injects real money into Egypt (when you travel with the big tour operators often the money goes back to the rich countries as the accommodation is within the structures whose capital is European)


Marion said...

yes, Affaf is an excellent teacher!

Marion said...

yes, Affaf is an excellent teacher!

ryanleewiley said...

I've just made a cool Arabic Alphabet Chart and now I'm sharing it with people who have Arabic language blogs. If you would like to use it, just go here and grab it.

I just ask that if you use it you put a link back to my site.

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