Sunday, 13 October 2013

Luxor Committee

The Governor has decided to set up a new initiative in Luxor harnessing the skills and experience of local Egyptians and ex-pats. There was a big meeting at the Sofitel last week and last night the committee had their first meeting.
The members were chosen by Mr Ahmed Nouby
The purpose is 1) promoting tourism 2) helping ex-pats and all residents of Luxor 3) supporting charities.

Ex-pat members are representatives between the community and the governor plus two extras who have special skills.
First email from the committee
Good morning !
On the behalf of the LUXOR COMMITTEE, I am informing you about the meeting 12.10 2013.
Official name is now Luxor Committee, and we are getting a web page for it as soon as possible. There are lots of other things coming so please be patient with us.
Official email for the committee is , please contact to that one in the future.
In the committee for the next year are
Mr Ahmed Nouby
General Hazef
Mrs Nagwa
Linda De Wolf                         Belgium
Sara Villermet                         France
Katrin Aleff /Volkher Kirchhoff    Germany (they will share the job)
Theresa Clarke                                  UK
Kirsi Voutilainen                               Finland
Amira Gilani                                      Legal will be working with General Hafaz
Jane Akshar                                        IT & Social Media will be working with Mr Ahmed
More details will be in the coming web site.

The committee is very happy from all the emails and answers you have sent. There will be in the near future many other possibilities to attend different meetings and give you help for the Luxor. All your help is more than welcome, and we will inform you about these possibilities as soon as possible.

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