Thursday, 10 October 2013

One year visa issued today at Luxor passport office

At the recent meeting with the governor one of the issues raised was the withdrawal of one year tourist visas, with long term residents only able to renew 6 months at a time. No explanation was given and it was very frustrating especially if you had to reigster your car.

The governor explained it was response to illegal working, but this was mainly in Cairo and the Red Sea, not an issue in Luxor. He promised to look into it and to try and sort it out.

Tonight I just read on Facebook one of the British wardens for Luxor has announced a year visa was issued today. This is wonderful news, of course it is at the rumour stage at the moment and we definitely need to hear of more instances but fingers crossed and a following wind the governor has kept his promise.

Great news for Luxor

Thank you Mr Governor

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Jane Akshar said...

Just heard another resident got 12 months, whoop whoop