Saturday, 9 November 2013

Comment by Jan Bailey on Tutankhamun The Mystery of the Burnt Mummy

Reproduced with permission, this very interesting critique of the recent documentary.

Documentary "Tutankhamun The Mystery of the Burnt Mummy"
(condensed from the programme "Ultimate Tut")

EEF NEWS (796) included a critical press report:

I agree with  A.R.Williams who wrote the above review.

If Tutankhamun spontaneously combusted then why were the wrappings that surrounded him and the jewels that adorned his body not also burnt ?
The mummy of Seti is the same black color.

As to the missing body parts "due to a chariot accident", the mummy of Tutankhamun WAS found intact and the missing parts were buried with him. Burton's photos taken as the official record,  clearly show this.

It would have been impossible for Prof Douglas Derry who did the 'autopsy' to miss the fact that the left side had ribs, clavicles and heart missing.
The beaded collar necklace, with gold beads, was stuck to these body parts, and left there by Carter.  Now stolen in  modern times.
The skull cap and head band are also now missing, all clearly there when discovered.
Even his eyes are now punched out!   George Lucas commented
"The eyes are partly open and had not been interfered  with in any way.  The eyelashes are very long"

Even IF the heart was badly damaged, it was an important part of the journey into the afterlife and needed for the Judgement, and would not have been removed!

Even IF it was removed, everything, even the natron,  was kept and it would have been put in a vessel, like the internal organs, in the tomb.

KMT magazine  Vol.18 No.1 2007, exposed this modern day robbery in their magazine.

Even recent photos of the mummy of Tutankhamun show him with his arms at his sides - placed there for some unexplained reason, by the Zahi Hawass team when doing the CAT scan.     Not looking at the
original photos taken by Burton, a student in the future would wonder why Tutankhamun was not even buried with his arms crossed?

It is a shame that as the older scholars die out, and books become 'out of print' young people will watch documentaries, and read personal opinions in books, that are stated as fact, and are not.

Jan Bailey


piers125 said...

This documentary was so flawed and lazy. Long-known facts were presented as new and tentative theories were presented as proven. The computer animation of the chariot wheel accident neglected to show the horses - isn't there a strong chance they would have hit the king first? The lack of research can be summed up by the narrator saying (at least twice) that Tutankhamun's tomb was never robbed.

Jane Akshar said...

I haven't seen it but Joyce Tydesley talks about this in her book, the real curse of Tutankhamen is all the stupid theories around him

monika said...

It was indeed possible for Derry to miss the damage to the chest and pelvis. He had no x-ray machine at hand, and although he dismantled much of the body in order to look at some bones, these areas were hard to access. Packed with stuffing, smeared with resin and covered with a large collar the king`s torso would not have shown any damage - just like the ancient embalmers had intended to!