Thursday, 21 November 2013

From EEF an update from ARCE on their work at Qurna

Update on ARCE Luxor's Qurna Site Improvement (QSI) project (protecting ancient and modern remains + tombs as latrines + Christians in Qurna + Giovanni d’Athannasi's (Yanni's) house)

ARCE Luxor's Qurna Site Improvement (QSI) project continues to record the ancient and modern remains left in the wake of the demolition of the modern hamlets of Shiekh Abd el Qurna and El Khokha.

For general information on the project, visit

For updates on two more debris areas that have been cleared and recorded, visit

Andrew Bednarski, Ph.D.
Assistant to the Director for Special Projects Project Egyptologist, APS Luxor The American Research Center in Egypt

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