Sunday, 23 March 2014

Press Release from Dr Hourig

It wasn't just the third colossos that got revealed today but also a red granite statue, an alabaster colossus, the northern striding colossus and the third colossus!!!! I have scanned the entire press release as I know my readers will want every bit of information.


  1. Thanks for this Jane but I don't seem to be able to read any of it. Is it a pdf anywhere?

  2. Sorry my scanner isn't good quality, email me and I can send you what I have

  3. Hi Jane, I am not sure if this has already got to you but if not please can you send me a copy of the press release pages also as I can't read it either !! many thanks. (

  4. Hi Jane, i am a great fan of your work. can you please send me a copt too. My email ( ). thanks in advance
    Hisham El Sebai