Thursday, 13 September 2018

So long and thanks for all the fish

I left Luxor 25th June every year I do the visa run to the uk. If you have to leave you might as well see family. And every year my daughter nags me about my health. I haven't had an annual diabetic check for years. My back problems have not even been diagnosed. I went deaf in one ear. I have had cellulitis. My medication (high blood pressure, cholesterol) has not reviewed since I came to Egypt 15 years ago etc etc etc.

So this year I agree to see a Dr. Well that was an eye opener. The Dr was horrified(really sweet though) and has insisted I stay in the UK and get all these issues properly looked at and resolved. This could take months. I am apparently a medical emergency. FML

I havent been able to report from the field because my health issues stoped me getting out and about so I have just been recycling news reports.

Also Blogger no longer supports OpenID. Existing OpenID comments and your OpenID settings may have changed. You cant auto publish to other social media.

So this would seem a good time to take a break which maybe permanent or temporary. Thank you all for all the feedback over the years. It has been much appreciate


Unknown said...

Hope you get well soon Jane. Have missed your regular posts from Luxor.I haven't been back there for 3 years & miss it so much.I'm sure you're really missed by your family & hope you get back there soon.

Unknown said...

Jane, Many thanks for keeping me in touch with all that's been going on in Luxor. Your writing is brilliant at keeping me in touch with a part of the world I love.
Very best wishes to you for health and happiness as the British Autumn brings in its mists and mellow fruitfulness.

Shadow03 said...

Always enjoyed your posts.

Glenn Meyer said...

Hi, Jane,

So sorry to hear that your health is not good and you have to leave Egypt for a while. May your recovery be swift and your return be soon. Thanks for all the updates, and especially for making Luxor a better place for the handicapped!


Unknown said...

Jane - I wondered why no blogs and thought you may have gone home. No matter what I am sure you will be back in Luxor before Xmas and the cold weather sets in there. I am in rotten health too but just hoping I can get out again, like every year, this November as very chilly in London. I am thinking of you and all my dear friends out there and how much I long to see the blue snake Nile from the window of a descending plane! And lets hope for more of those great lectures that you make such real sense from. Love to you and see you there. Anne

Susan said...

Take care of yourself and heal!

Hoe to see you again sometime in Luxor.

All best,

Unknown said...

Crazy woman you need to look after yourself. Where would Pete get himself another leggy blonde secretary?

Take care Jane.

Unknown said...

Dear Jane, so sorry to hear about your health issues and I hope that it will be resolved soon. Take care and I do hope that somewhere in the future we would hear from you again. Anette