Sunday, 18 April 2010

Kent Weeks new role - Besotted Grandfather

Bumped into Kent whilst shopping and he looked very well. He could not stop talking about his new grand daughter. Parents and child visited him in Egypt and then they all went to Rome for a bit of R & R. He informed me it was her 4 1/2 month birthday and freely admitted she could wrap him round her little finger.

He is due in America shortly and wondering how to get there with the volcano. Might have to go via Singapore but that takes 23 hours

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Indiana Rowz said...

Jane, that is great news! I was so sorry to hear of the tragic death of his wife, Susan. It's good to hear he has some joy in his life at this time.
PS I am really enjoying keeping up to date with events in Luxor through your blog. I will be returning in January on another study course and I'm currently studying hieroglyphs at night classes!