Thursday, 18 August 2011

How can we change the tourism map in Egypt? | Washington Times Communities

What a great comment by the minister. I so agree with him. That is exactly the attitude I take at my own tourist accommodation. I don't try and be the cheapest but the best. I heard about a friend staying at a flat in Hurghada who was concerned about turning the air conditioning on as she had to pay extra. I include everything including free WiFi. I am certain that a better quality makes for better tourism and it seems the minister thinks exactly the same. Like the author I feel more optimistic about tourism in Egypt. How can we change the tourism map in Egypt? | Washington Times Communities: Egypt is perceived and sold as a cheap destination; I think it is very unfortunate result of bad planning, over supply of hotel capacity [in] some areas, Egypt deserves much more than this work to increase touristic services. We need to plan more carefully the touristic development, work on increasing the level of services. We should diversify our products; try to create a centre of excellence, a very high standard of services, commanding higher prices, raising the level of services all around it and contributing to change the perception of the world.

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Stephen said...

Offer cheap and you get all those who shouldn't really be in Egypt or for that matter want to be in Egypt!

Stuart Tyler said...

its a good attitude to have Jane and i applaud it.

i personally found the sites to be affordable and enjoyed them. It was other spects which seemed to fail.

Toilet faclities, quality tour guides, good police presence. Some ideas, but you are in a much better position to see what is needed.

It will be nice to see what ideas come from this statement