Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Replica Tutankhamun tomb opened in Luxor today

I attended the opening and I have to say that once you are inside it is n different from the real thing except you can take photos. It has some nice display boards explaining things and a short film but the thing I find most interesting was the missing south wall which was removed to get the artefacts out

Dr Salima, Dr Elena and Katherine

Sponsors, Ministers and the Governor

Inadvertent selfie

Dr Elena congratulates James on the authenticity

Missing south wall

Display Boards

This is a link to the BBC report

BBC World News - The Travel Show, 03/05/2014 GMT, Replica Tutankhamun tomb opens in Luxor


BD said...

Where is it located?

BD said...

Where is it located? Out if curiosity

Jane Akshar said...

It is by the carter house