Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Grandfather Father Son | A new book from Jane Akshar

Grandfather Father Son | Jane Akshar

In an effort to clear my overdraft and survive the summer I have published a new book. It is all the fault of Pip Faulks and Isabelle Owston. Pip videoed me talking about the temples of the 19th dynasty and comparing the temples of grandfather, father and son. Seti I, Ramses II and Merenptah. Then Isabelle said why didn’t I write a book.

When I used to guide I offered a tour of the three temples doing a comparison between them and a feel for the personality of the three very different Pharaohs so I had loads of information. I did brush up my facts and figures and there is a bibliography of the books I used and I also revisited the temples to see what had changed. The Ramasseum was the only one that had significant differences, with lots of tiding up in the first court and site management with helpful display boards.

Now if everyone of my online friends buys the book that means Flats in Luxor will survive this summer and Little Mohammed will keep his job! Apart from us personally eating and me getting my insulin. So please buy my book, share it on social media like your Facebook page and tell your friends.

If you liked Hidden Luxor you will love Grandfather Father Son.

Grandfather, Father, Son is available to buy as an eBook direct on my website http://www.janeakshar.com/my-books/grandfather-father-son/  and also available on Amazon(Kindle) and Lulu(Printed Copy).

Here is the video that started it all off.

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