Friday, 31 October 2014

Welcome to the Missione Archeologica Canario Toscana

Flats in Luxor is very excited to welcome the Min Project team who are working at TT109. They have a very good website where you can read up on their work and maybe sponsor them. 

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Min Project is an Italian-Spanish
project in co-operation with Egypt, born for the study and publication
of a Theban Tomb (TT109 and its extension Kampp -327-) in the Necropolis
of Thebes, on the west bank of the city of Luxor.
The tomb of Min (TT109) has not been
systematically studied and has never been recorded or examined in
detail. Many early travelers -Champollion, Burton and Rosellini among
them - copied many of the scenes and inscriptions, some of which are now
gone, but a complete publication was never done. Modern systematic
recording of the monument began in 1887-1889 but it was without the
advantages of color photography and modern recording techniques. Sadly,
through the years, tomb TT109 has suffered intermittent vandalism and
has been subject to erosion that endangers its carved decorations, some
of which are crumbling.
The purpose of the “Min Project” is to copy and study the inscriptions
and the scenes and to document the architecture, as well as to clean and
conserve the structure of the tomb and its wall decorations and to
prepare the monument for a future opening for the public.

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