Thursday, 26 January 2017

Balady handicraft Qurna Egypt

Balady handicraft Qurna Egypt

Hay up again!

A slightly belated Happy New Year!

Here is some good news to start 2017.

The exhibitions
about Robert Hay's Qurna of 1826 and other exhibitions that were part of
Qurna Discovery have been remounted and are there for all to see again.

In May 2010 the Governor of Luxor's big machines demolished the
buildings we had just restored. The exhibitions themselves were rescued
and have been 'in store' at Abdu Daramalli's lovely craft centre in
As-Siyul – about 3 km north.

In December we put them up again – at last! In addition to all the
panels we had before, a third Hay Panorama is now also on show for the
first time anywhere in the world, and in 2015 I made a panel to
illustrate the working of a traditional thresher that Abdu had rescued.

Balady Handicraft Qurna is open every day except Friday, 9-12.00 see

are many beautiful things made by women, men and children at the Centre
for you to buy for yourself or as presents – scarfs, rugs, children's
clothes, embroidered table linen, pottery, jewellery – all hand-made by
people being taught and employed at the Centre.

If you have a group who wishes to visit outside normal open hours, the
Centre could be opened specially for you – please phone Abdu on

You can get to the Centre by taxi, or on a local arabiyya to As-Siyul.

are on the Balady website at 

I hope that your guests can take the time from a busy 'ancient history'
schedule to see the more recent history of the people who lived on the
Theban Hills, and buy some of the craft works that they are still

Please encourage them to go and visit the Balady Centre.
Please encourage them to buy some of the hand-made craft works.

Thank you to all those who first made Qurna Discovery a reality way back
in April 2001.
Thank you to Abdu and family, friends and helpers for its new home.
Insha'allah this fourth home will happily be its final one.

from Caroline Simpson

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