Monday, 3 April 2017

Flying under the new regulations from CAIRO

Many thanks to Richard Fero for sharing his experience

Jane here is a Cairo Airport update from when I passed through:

Air France is allowing electronics on board in the cabin, although one of the ticket agents said you could not carry such items and wanted to check them. The Egyptian Police are allowing you to carry the items through the new departure 2 terminal check point to the gate (Air France) as of 3-31-17 when I passed through.

Beware Air France is taking some travelers carry-on bags claiming they are too heavy for the cabin and requiring them to be checked. Word of advice if you check a carry on there is a kiosk a few feet away that can wrap the bag with clear plastic for 20 LE. I had to check my carry-on bag. This was the same carry on I brought with me from Atlanta, Paris to Cairo on Delta and Air France, but not allowed to carry back the same way. Inside the carry-on that had to be checked were Professional Nikon camera lenses 7,500 USD with other equipment total of over 9,000 USD. The Air France ticket agent only allowed me to carry my Nikon Pro 35mm digital camera 6,500 USD on the plane after a 20 minute “discussion” with him and his Supervisor. I was allowed to carry in the cabin my backpack with an Apple Mac Book Pro 13 inch computer 2,500 USD. Carry-on bag arrived in Atlanta unopened with all equipment inside.

I recommend not bringing anything if you can until this situation changes. Note: Air France did not recognize the reciprocal agreement it has with Delta airlines concerning the weight of carry-on bags. Delta does not weigh your carry on and is really only concerned as long as it can fit in the overhead. Air France on the other hand does not recognize this and if you are 16 ounces over they will check the bag, KLM does honor the agreement.

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