Saturday, 15 July 2017

Amenemhat TT82 a new tpmb from Osirisnet

has just published a new Theban Tomb: Amenemhat TT82.

See here:
Amenemhat is "steward of the Vizier", as well as "scribe who reckons
the corn in the granary of the divine offerings of Amun,” during the reign of
Tuthmosis III. Though he appears as a subordinate personage to us, he is a rich
and cultured dignitary.

Amenemhat had profound knowledge of religious beliefs and
of the most complex myths, an astonishing accomplishment for someone not
holding any priestly office. For instance, he reused spells from the Pyramid
the great funerary corpus of the Old Kingdom, something few notables
of his time were capable of doing.

Amenemhat was able to create  a tomb rich in information about the
Egyptian ideas about of death and rebirth, and divine beliefs in general. So
much so that TT82 is an essential source of knowledge concerning the funeral
practices of the time.

While punctiliously respecting traditions, Amenemhat was also an innovator, and
it is in his tomb that the oldest known magic bricks have been discovered.

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