Saturday, 9 September 2017

New Tomb in Luxor Kampp 390

Our exclusive special reporter Lyla Pinch Brock reports from
the new tomb


Antiquities Minister announces, 2017
to be, "The Year of Discoveries"

The opening of tomb Kampp 390 took place this morning in Dra abu el
Naga at 10:00. An introduction in Arabic, English and French was given by
Minister of Antiquities Dr. Mohamed Khalil. The Minister called 2017,
"The Year of Excavations, the Year of Discoveries," and hinted that
this was only the beginning, and that more tombs might be found in the area.

Further details about the present discovery were provided by Dr.
Mostafa Waziri, head of Luxor Antiquities, and director of the mission. Dr.
Waziri congratulated the team of Egyptian workmen, led by Reis Ali Farouk, who
discovered the tomb five months ago. "They continued working in the
blazing heat and over the holiday to bring the find to light," he said.

The 18th Dynasty tomb is located at almost the highest level of
the Theban Necropolis which contains seven cemeteries, the burial places for
the nobility who served the King.

For the occasion of the packed opening, a number of cases
containing local finds were displayed; these included cartonnage mummy-cases, a
substantial amount of almost-intact pottery vessels, a wooden coffin with a
mummy, and funerary cones, and many shabtis constructed from different

The tomb was known and numbered by Dr. Frederika Kamp in her
survey of Theban Tombs late in the past century, but it was apparently not
excavated. The tomb owner is one Amenemhat, a goldsmith; a son and wife (Lady
of the House) are mentioned in the inscriptions as well as man called Mehi, who
could be a relative. Their tombs are not known, but antiquities officials are
optimistic that they might be discovered nearby.

The tomb's layout is unusual, as a boating scene (men unloading
very large pottery storage jars), normally located on the interior walls, is,
in this case, painted on the east reveal of the doorway. However, the door jamb
is in place, so in its final stage of construction this was definitely meant to
be the entrance to the tomb. The artwork is obviously that of a master painter,
indicating that the tomb owner must have been a favorite of the Pharaoh.

Also found in the tomb were a stele and a pair statue.

The tomb is on two levels, with an offering-chapel on the first
level and the burial chamber much lower down. It is not yet open for tourists.


I was very lucky to get this report, Lyla had offered to
take me with her but due to my stupid inability to stand this was not an option
she then volunteered to give me a report from the scene. So nice of her.

The Dra Abu Naga area is a fascinating one, it is the
location of the tomb of Roy one of my favourite nobles tombs, very small but
exquisite. It is in a direct line and has wonderful views of Karnak temple and
was popular with people that worked at the temple. It was also overlooking the
route of the Beautiful Feast of the Valley. So quite a prestigious location.

There are some photos on facebook

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