Monday, 19 March 2018

The Myth of Egypt in the Western world Francesco Tiradritti

I did start to take some notes but gave up because the lecture was so visual. You can tell Francesco is an art expert. He has such an eye for noticing detail. He went through how much Egyptian iconography was evidenced in the west, a lot of paintings, architecture, festivals and drawings, He noted that when a new religion comes along like Christianity they either reject pagan imagery or accept and assimilate.

After the end of the pharaohs true knowledge of what the hieroglyphs meant and what the Egyptians believed disappeared as the language changed to Coptic and then to Arabic. But that did not stop people using the images. It was fascinating to see to evidence of pyramids, Anubis sphinxes, Isis and bulls. All over the world and in the most unlikely places like Brazil.

Once the hieroglyphs were translated then the mythology ceases as the true facts were known

Next week he is going to cover the influence in Islam

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