Monday, 18 October 2010

Faculty of Life Sciences say no to online BA in Egyptology but it does not stop there

An announcement has been made on our certificate course
Dear Everyone,
The Faculty of Life Sciences has informed us that “this is not an area for
development that FLS wishes to consider at this time.”

We will keep you fully informed of all developments. In the meantime, we are
unable to answer direct questions about this decision.

Rosalie and Joyce

This is incredible disappointing news but it does not stop here, there are over 300 of us in the Facebook group We-want-an-online-BA-in-Egyptology and I think 300 emails flooding the in box telling them what we think would be a good idea. I have gone on the net and found that Professor Martin Humphries is the Vice President and Dean. Further searching found his email address so get sending emails and when you get a response please post it on Facebook or the comments here.

Points to make
1) The demand is there
2) The technology is proven by the Certificate
3) Financially it could be self funding
4) At the moment Manchester is on the cutting edge this could put them back in the dark ages
5) If someone else does the BA they could also dothe Certificate
6) The demand is worldwide and Manchester could pick up the crème de la crème of motivated students who could well go on to MA and PhD at Manchester.
7) Any other point you can think off and please post it here for others to use
Remember that as with politicians they don’t read
correspondence they weigh it, 2 well crafted emails doesn’t get the response
that 300 short sharp emails will, so please everyone write.

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