Sunday, 3 October 2010

The first cuckoo of spring

In the UK everyone used to look and listen for the sound of the first cuckoo which heralded spring had come. Letters would be written to the Times announcing the fact.

Well I have just seen the first archeologists of the season, actually two in one night. First was Myriam and her whole team coming out of Nile Valley Hotel, they are excavating at Thutmosis III temple and start tomorrow. Don't worry I immediately asked her about giving a lecture lol. The second was one of the team that was excavating last year at Luxor temple, working on pottery. She arrived at Luxor airport while I was waiting for my guests.


Barry said...

Sorry Jane but I can top that in terms of arrival time.
We met Francisco Martin Valentin and his wife in Luxor last Tuesday. They should be commencing their season this week.

Jane Akshar said...

See what I mean it is ust like the Times letter pages, who can beat Barry ROFL